Why HarborSafe

Experience & Expertise

We know that you’ve dedicated your life to your medical practice and that you take pride in continuing your commitment to patients after you retire. HarborSafe makes transitioning to the next phase of your life as easy as possible.

Patient Chart Storage after a practice closes is a vital concern. Our extensive history allows us to offer all the Medical Records Custodian Services you need with one trusted partner. Our customers choose us because we offer the reliability, confidentiality and security physicians require. As transparency and compliance continue to be of the utmost importance, HarborSafe ensures that the latest regulations are followed and record retention requirements are ALWAYS met.


Dedicated & Professional

We understand the significant responsibilities physicians have to maintain Patient Charts, and we also understand how Patient Chart Management can be a challenge. When choosing a partner to securely store, release and destroy Patient Charts, it's more important than ever that physicians have a trusted partner that understands compliance, HIPPA, HITECH and best practices. Our compliance programs are best-in-class and we continually train our personnel and test our systems to ensure the highest level of confidentiality and security. HarborSafe prides itself in its knowledge and experience.

Security with Harborsafe

HarborSafe provides Medical Records Custodian Services which address all aspects of the document lifecycle, including Patient Chart Storage, authorized release and secure destruction. Secure Chart Storage within our Records management facility efficiently stores and tracks Patient Charts using advanced barcode technology which enables fast, accurate retrieval in the event that a Chart is needed. In addition, our Patient Chart Scanning Services allow our customers to choose electronic storage, with the practice retaining access quickly and easily.

HarborSafe has all services to help.

The HarborSafe


Easy, quick patient notification
Assistance with packing & transportation
Transfer assistance with existing electronic systems
Reliable future request processing either by secure electronic transfer or US Mail
Long-term protected storage & destruction

Strategic Partners

Shoreline Records Management partners with Top-notch Manufacturers to offer our customers integrated solutions. We increase productivity, reduce costs, and protect their business information.

"The idea of dealing with the eHR after retirement, and responding to patient requests for years, would have been a huge burden hindering the vision for retirement. Through an online search, and after researching several companies, I was thrilled to find HarborSafe. Tom and his team responded immediately and professionally, with helpful and thorough information about the advantages of using Patient Chart Custodian Services. After reviewing my options, it was clear that HarborSafe was the most reliable, trustworthy, and only choice, and having worked with them through this process has more than confirmed that I absolutely made the right choice!"
- Dr. Robert Turner, MD
"Beginning with Tom Doyle, President of HarborSafe, as the ultimate professional, who is sincere, honest, and reasonable, the entire experience with HarborSafe could not have been better. From the pickup of the Patient Charts, to the scanning of all records, I'm extremely happy with the results and would recommend HarborSafe to anyone looking for scanning, storage, or records management. What a wonderful company!"
- Dr. Marcia Bergtraum, MD
Pediatrics Specialist, New Hyde Park, NY
"One exceptional quality about HarborSafe is the team's attentiveness and ability to handle all aspects of custodian services, including retrieving charts from storage and mailing them to patients without my involvement. Given the courteous support and responsiveness I received from day one, where the HarborSafe staff traveled from New York to Florida to ensure proper packing and shipping of files, I'm confident my patients’ charts are now in the best possible hands with HarborSafe."
- Dr. Philip Rasulo, MD
Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Specialist, Bradenton, FL
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Shoreline Records Management provides outsourced scanning and cloud based document management services for business of all sizes.