Medical Records Custodian Services



Whether you're a retiring physician, or the executor of the estate of a physician who has passed away, HarborSafe will help you by taking complete responsibility of maintaining Patient Charts for the length of time required by law, which could be decades. Our Medical Records Custodian Services cover all aspects of medical records management. HarborSafe responds to all calls from patients, guardians, lawyers, insurance companies and doctors; securely maintains and delivers Patient Charts; and even destroys Patient Charts in accordance with HIPPA and other regulations. As a division of Shoreline Records Management, we have 22 years of experience providing Patient Chart Scanning and Storage Services and can customize our service offering to address virtually any need.

Our Medical Records Custodian Services include:

Create notification letter – We'll help create a notification letter to your existing patients.
Document Pickup – We'll coordinate the pickup and delivery of your job when it's convenient for you.
Manifest Creation – We will create a spreadsheet capturing Last Name, First Name, and Date of Birth.
Release of Patient Charts – We'll take care of any chart request and do a follow-up with the patients.