Closing a Practice?


We know closing a medical practice requires critical decisions to be made and many steps to be taken months in advance. When it comes to Patient Charts, HarborSafe will provide you with all the support you need. You may not be familiar with all the required actions that need to be taken or regulatory guidelines, but that’s OK. HarborSafe handles it all for you – from step 1 of informing patients to years down the road, we’ll be here.

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Many state health departments and licensing authorities govern healthcare facility closure regulations or guidelines, and commonly recommend records be transferred. A sample list of state guidelines can be found here. These laws vary state to state and may change regularly, but HarborSafe will always refer to the most current mandates provided by local government.

To ensure continuity of patient care, avoid any allegation of abandonment, and fulfill contractual and regulatory obligations, a physician should provide notice in a timely manner. Our checklist will help you plan the next steps.

Our extensive history allows us to offer all the Medical Records Custodian Services you need with one trusted partner. Our customers choose us because we offer the reliability, confidentiality and security physicians require. As transparency and compliance continue to be of the utmost importance, HarborSafe ensures that the latest regulations are followed and record retention requirements are ALWAYS met. Our compliance programs are best-in-class and we continually train our personnel and test our systems to ensure the highest level of confidentiality and security.