Dr. Marcia Bergtraum


Dr. Marcia Bergtraum, MD is a pediatrics specialist in New Hyde Park, NY. She has been practicing for more than 35 years, specializing in pediatric neurology and child development. Given the extreme importance of continued care for her pediatric patients, Dr. Bergtraum knew that once she made the decision to retire, a highly reliable plan needed to be put in place. Part of the plan included choosing the most reliable, professional Medical Records Custodian Service.

Dr. Bergtraum’s search for a provider of patient record storage services began online. Her most important criteria when making her choice was the availability of the custodian  and patients’ medical record charts as well as the provider’s ability to scan and securely store them. After interviewing potential providers, Dr. Bergtraum’s discussion with Tom Doyle, President of HarborSafe, proved to be notable. Tom took the time to clearly explain all the services that HarborSafe offered and what services were most appropriate for her, leading up to and following the closing of her medical practice.


Understanding the need Dr. Bergtraum had to continue the same reliable, professional service that she has always provided for her patients and their families, it was evident that HarborSafe’s experience and knowledge in patient record storage made it the ideal choice. Key services HarborSafe provides include:

  • Taking responsibility to compile, track, store and manage the entire catalog medical record charts.
  • Responding timely to requests and securely delivering medical record charts to guardians, insurance companies and doctors.
  • Securely maintaining the storage of patient records, both paper and electronic documents, for decades.
  • Ability to securely destroy patient charts in accordance with HIPPA and regulatory guidelines


Taking complete responsibility of Dr. Bergtraum’s medical record charts for her pediatric patients, HarborSafe gave her the peace of mind she needed in order to focus on the next phase of her life.

“Beginning with Tom Doyle, President of HarborSafe, as the ultimate professional, who is sincere, honest, and reasonable, the entire experience with HarborSafe could not have been better. From the pickup and storage of patient records to scanning of all records, I’m extremely happy with the results and would recommend Shoreline to anyone looking for scanning, storage, or records management.  What a wonderful company!”

-Dr. Marcia Bergtraum, MD